Love written in Indelible Ink is about the intrinsic worth that God has placed in the people around us.  It’s indelible — it cannot be erased, by ANY means.

to quote

“All persons have inherent and equal worth. Our value as persons is neither earned nor accumulated.”

This blog is an attempt to notice, each day, one of those truths that God has written into the lives of those around us… to take notice of the people we live life with every day, and to notice the ways that their lives give testament to the love that God has for creation, and for us, The love he has written over all of our lives.

this entire blog is inspired by Dave Sohnchen and his Daily Letter blog.

This intent of this blog is to intentionally practice opening my eyes and seeing love written indelibly on the lives of those i encounter.  God loves each one of us.  Sadly, we have an easier time believing that he exists than that he loves us.

Starting today, I hope to write a note of encouragement to people who will probably never read them, the people i encounter daily, to help us to open our eyes and see the good that surrounds us..  the actions of love people demonstrate, the words of love God speaks into our lives through others. . .  The beauty God has painted into people.  He shows us love in relationship.  He has written our worth through his love in indelible ink – His own blood, on all people!

  1. Tom Friedrichs says:

    I really appreciate this blog. I just stumbled across it (no not with the STUMBLE UPON program). Simple. Not Cheesy. Profound. I have considered blogging and most blogs dissuade me. This one has inspired me. Maybe one day. There certainly is SOMETHING to say about our infinite God on a daily Basis. Blessings and Thank you.

  2. Trella Boone Coy says:

    I happened across your site while looking for pictures to use for a power point presentation and was so blessed and encouraged by reading your posts. I am always amazed at the way our Father uses simple, everyday situations to teach us His profound truth . . . to encourage and instruct and bless . . . and sometimes to challenge and chastise.

    Your beautifully expressed prose and poetry are a gift from the Giver of all Good Gifts. Thank you for sharing it. My inclination is to continue reading until I have finished all you have written but I must be responsible and get back to my work. I will visit again . . . and again, I suspect. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and give you peace today!

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