Posted: February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tonight, my darling child cried out my name in her sleep.  Her cry was followed my silence, so I crept to her side, where I found her trembling in a bad dream of some sort.

I gently pulled the covers up and rubbed her arm, stroked her hair, and rubber her back as I prayed for peace on her.  As soon as my hands touched her, the trembling stopped, and she snuggled in, and a smile crossed her lips.

And I was instantly struck with the thought…

How often have I cried out in the night for God?  not necessarily the night as it refers to the turning of the earth, but seasons of darkness, longing, loneliness, depression, angst, anguish, guilt, oppression, fear, sickness, pain, loss, grief… whatever it may be… and He has come, completely unbeknownst to me, and comforted me?  

My child slept on, unaware that I had ever been at her side, but not unaffected by my presence.

how often don’t I ‘sleep on’ entirely unaware of the miraculous healing, grace, and kindness God is pouring into my soul, surrounding me with His Spirit.

for all the times that you’ve been there and I haven’t noticed… like… every breath that i take..

Thank you.Image


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