Liar’s Playground

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

The wreckage of a broken heart is the playground of The Liar.  It is here that he holds up the fragments of your heart and tells you that this is who you really are.  You are the bully.  You are the reason relationships have ended.  You are the unbearable person.  You are capable of nothing but marauding and trampling the fragile spirits of those around you.  You are worthless.  You make the lives of those you love a living hell.  You should step out of their lives.  They’d ALL be better off.

and just like that he has taken a betrayal, a dispute, a misunderstanding… and set up lies that pierce to the very centre of your being… to your worth as a human being.

Just like that he takes a careless word, and stirs within you a self-loathing and guilt that propel you to desperate ends of emotion.

Just like that, he tells you the world would be better off without you, and tries to seduce you into the destruction of life.

or he tells you that he broke up with you because no one could ever love you.

Or he tells you that your parents work so much because they can’t stand to be around you.  you are abandoned because you’re not worth sticking around for.

Maybe he tells you that you didn’t get that job because you are too stupid, or too ugly, or to slow, or too short, or too tall, or just not good enough.

The worst thing we can do with a broken heart is lock it up behind sealed doors.  Because one day we’re going to have to open those doors.  and what we find inside… it may be a grotesque reinvention made from broken fragments twisted and lumped together into monument of lies.  And we might find that we believe them.

  1. Faith Overall says:

    Here I am, searching via google images to find pictures that explain how I am feeling, searching for beautiful yet dark pictures which I can sketch out, and turn into my own art with nothing but a guide, and I find this; This is the first blog of yours that I read.
    I am not Christian, rather I believe that all religions worship the same diety in the end, we just all call him (or her in some religions) by a different name, and therefore, I fully accept and appreciate all religions.
    *hugs!* I needed to read something good, positive.
    His stuff is on my porch, my daughter is autistic and does not understand, and I am afraid of him but cannot keep him away legally because he has never physically hurt me. Having a positive thing to read right now is wonderful! Please, don’t stop. I am sure people have stumbled across your blog, and have appreciated it just as much as I am right now.
    -Faith (Yes, that is my real name. :))

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