Easter Lily

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I wonder just how dark life seemed for the Jews while they anticipated Christ.

I wonder how painful it was for Christ while he anticipated the cross.

Lent seems like a long and dark tunnel… which has a promise of hope at the end.

It’s like the shortness of breathe that makes us thankful for the breath we otherwise take for granted..  a breathlessness that makes that first gasp taste like pure spring water on a hot dessert day. . .

When you’re not breathing, lots of things happen.

Your energy diminishes.

You may feel hopeless, like you might as well just give up and die.

Often panic sets in, fearing you may never breathe again.

sometimes you are able to stay calm, knowing that the calmer you are, the easier it will be to hold your breath until the opportunity to breathe presents itself again.

I decided to by an easter lily yesterday.  I thought that it’s pleasing fragrance and beauty would be a healthy reminder that Easter is coming.

Yesterday the flowers were closed, and the fragrance absent.  perhaps like the majority of lent seems.

tomorrow is palm sunday…  there is a sense that something big is about to happen—the King is on the move..

my feeling about palm sunday is much like the pleasant anticipation that comes with the opening of the first two flowers (which happened today)

Their fragrance and beauty is an underwhelming, yet present reminder that there is unspeakable beauty and hope.

their is pain, and sorrow, and the passion week is a place of unbelievable sorrow and brokeness as we take a very real and honest look at the brokenness of our world…

but there is hope.  it is IN the brokenness of passion week that our hope lies.

Here we go!


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