Melancholy Messiah?

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Jesus was described as a great many things.  He was passionate, liked to have fun and party, intense… He lived deeply.

One of the things that Jesus did was suffer.  And not just during the passion week as we are so accustomed to focusing on, but throughout His life, He experienced the brokenness of this world.

And so He knew… with that deep, gut-wrenching, experiential knowledge… WHY He had to die… to suffer THIS way… to redeem this broken creation.

We see Him in the Garden of Gethsemane… and He is in such pain.  His heart is heavy.

Sometimes, no matter what the Glory may be that lays on the other side of the hard times in front of you… the hard times can make you morose.

It seems to me that Jesus remained in this subdued state of a sort of melancholic mournfulness right up to the cross.  Jesus KNOWS pain.  and He knew better than any of us what Glory lay ahead, and what Hope there was in His suffering. . .

So tonight I take comfort in knowing that Jesus knows what it’s like to feel pain so intense that it overshadows the promise of hope and of glory.

Just because the situation of pain may overshadow hope and glory does not mean that you have lost faith in these things.


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