inconsequential days

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

By now it is no secret that I sometimes struggle with knowing what I’m going to write about from my day.

Granted, occasionally this struggle is born within my inherent laziness, in which I merely don’t want to flesh out the depth of my internal monologue on a given subject for the sheer volume of words that it seems to require.

But often, it’s because I look back on my day and honestly can’t think of anything that really stands out in my mind to write about.

I know I’m supposed to be looking at the small things anyways, but i have to admit, sometimes the small things just seem like small things…

and I’m tempted to say, “today has been an inconsequential day”

and… THAT’S when I undeniably saw God.

I was going to write about the sunshine.  Cuz it has meant a lot to me these past few days… and there is value in that… but it just didn’t feel substantial enough.  It felt like it was going to have to be a stretch to talk about exactly how I had seen God in the “sunshine”.

with enough reflection, I know I would see the truth in that statement… but i didn’t want to deal with the inherent question of, “well what about the rainy days then?”   (maybe the laziness popping up again?)  so maybe i will have to write about that soon.

But as i sat here, preparing to tell all of you that today was an inconsquential day, and then proceed to talk about how it’s okay to have inconsequential days…

It was like the creator of the universe, the giver of every good gift, and the one who gave me breath and life, and this very day itself simply sat down right in front of me, and gently closed my computer screen down, and looked at me… with a look that was simultaneously non-confrontational–and demanding of an answer all at once.  The tacit dare lay in front of me..

“would you really tell me that this day was inconsequential?  Is that how much this gift I have given you means to you?”

searching myself for the honest answer, I realized…
“no…. what I’m actually saying is that Your impact on the world has been inconsequential today….”

(as you can imagine, my thinking voice trailed off and got rather timid at about the word “impact” and kind of dissolved into nervous giggles in recognition of the utter ridiculousness of the notion)

That is as far as i got in writing my post yesterday.

I suppose, then, what I realized is that even on the days that feel laboriously mundane, life IS a gift…

and there are a lot of gifts in our lives that we experience times of frustration or discouragement with, but they remain gifts…

A cell phone, for instance, can seem like a real burden-endless availability, work always with you.. and yet it is also a gift that enables us to do a lot more, be more connected with our families, always have the ability to contact someone in an emergency, help us through those unpleasant times when we have to be away from our loved ones…


Sometimes, Maybe life is a little bit like that.  It may feel exahausting…

you may wake up and wonder why you are doing anything at all…  is there any merit or value to what you do?  is there any consequence or significance to your actions?

does THIS day really matter?


What if there actually was a scale… and we could measure our days on it.  what if we knew in advance which days were going to be “consequential” and which were going to be “inconsequential”…

would we choose, on inconsequential days, to just kind of shut down?  “why bother?”

so maybe this day isn’t going to have a profound revelation, or even much of an insight…

Maybe this day will have insignificant, or virtually no impact on your life or the circumstances around you…

But this day is NOT inconsequential…

Because on this day…  you still are faced with the question, how will you choose to live?


There will be days where you suddenly discover a beautiful flower in the crack on the sidewalk.  and there will be many where you are greeted only by pavement.

There will be days when the rain and the sun interplay to form a magnificent, and vibrant double rainbow!
and there will be days when there is only rain.

so how… on those days, do we choose to respond?  write them off as a waste?  dissolve in self-pity about the meaningless of our lives?  Join in Solomon’s existential dilemma over the repetition of our lives?

Or do we choose to praise our Creator, the giver of all life?  Do we choose to remember the beauty, and hope and look forward to more?  do we learn to see the beauty in the simple things?  Do we choose to create beauty for others around us?  Do we reach out and touch someone else’s life with something as simple and powerful as eye contact and a smile?

This is how I hope to respond to my “inconsequential days”

My apologies that i forgot to finish this post last night!  Here it is tonight instead!


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