3 people

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I committed to overcome social silence and awkwardness with only three people today!

Even as I typed it last night, I chastised myself, remarking, “3 people?  that’s hardly anyone at all… aren’t you setting the bar a little low?”

And yet today, i didn’t make it past two.

Two might even be generous.  There was the mom in the waiting room with her little boy who was clearly the same age as my daughter..  and had my daughter not first made contact, I can’t even be sure that I would have.

Then the second was a pair in the elevator…  I encouraged my daughter to say hi to them, and when she didn’t, they asked if she was shy.  I assured them she was tired and that makes her unusually shy… and that was it…

Does it count?  maybe…

but two!

only two!?

There was no absence of people with whom to rub shoulders!  The doctor’s office was busy!  Then Later I was in the grocery store, and later in the pharmacy.  I even had to squeeze by a group of girls, and avoided eye contact, lest i have to be drawn into conversation with them.  And yet I managed to make incidental contact with only three people.

It’s kind of embarrassing really.

So I renew the resolve for tomorrow.

I suppose, then, that where I see God in all of this, is in noticing just how broken this flesh-this world, really is.

That here… where I have been created for connection and relationship… where I yearn for it… here is also where I find it so challenging to overcome my own insecurities and perceptions of ‘social protocol’ .

In seeing how far we are from where we need to be, this is where I see just what we were created to be.

Imagine the day when there are no casual acquaintances or strangers, and you legitimately feel delight at the sight of each person you see!

Imagine if each person you passed in the grocery store was one whom you knew and loved and were thrilled to see…

I do believe that this is what Heaven will be like!


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