Posted: April 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

you think that you are better than everyone else.

Therefore, it is my sole responsibility to ensure that i do not validate you in any way.  I need to point out to you that you are not better than everyone else… that in fact… you might even be WORSE than everybody else.

Surely i can’t receive anything from you!?

and then… it happened.

I couldn’t deny it anymore.  you simply aren’t as bad as i had decided you were.  you offered something that connected with me in a deep way.  you ministered to my soul…

you gave me a rich rich blessing!

So… Today I learned that EVERY life has value.

yes… EVERY life.

I’d been feeling pretty pious about my ability to see the value in the people who are down and out.. the “outcasts” of society… and my peers etc…

and i realized that i didn’t believe that the people who assigned themselves value had any value.  deep down… I figured they gave themselves all the value that they were worth… surely they had nothing to offer me….


EVERY life has value… EVERY on has something to offer somebody…

God created us that way… He sees us that way…

and I am CERTAINLY no better than anyone else whom He has created!


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