He is Jealous for me

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t mean to stick with the “obvious” the things that point me to God being things that are outspokenly about him.

but this song has been chorusing through my soul today.  I wanted to share it with you.

(disclaimer : this isn’t my favorite version of the song-but i’m pretty fond of the video-so it made the final cut 😛 )

I don’t have to get very far into the song before the very reason i am drawn into the imagery today.

“He is jealous for me”

Meditating a little bit more on the fact that we are given emotions as humans… and that this is one of the intricate ways that we reflect the image of God, and then meditating on the fact that Jesus angrily cleared the temple during his time on earth…

I am reminded that my beloved Jesus feels jealous!

I don’t know your story.  I don’t know if you’ve been oppressed by unhealthy jealousy.  I don’t know if you’ve witnessed someone you love under the thumb of insane, violent jealousy.  I know I have experienced both.

So why is it such a wonderful thing to me, to know that Jesus feels jealous?

That Jesus looks at the temple, and sees what has become of it and so passionately, fiercely reclaims it for the Kingdom of God, insisting that the many who were being kept from worship are WELCOME to worship!

These were his Father’s children–how DARE anyone drive them away!?

Jesus’ jealousy is born out of this pure, wonderful place of passionate love!  Not the love of inanimate objects that need to be possessed-not that kind of a love, but the kind of love that aches and yearns and longs and endeavours and pursues to see its beloved flourish… to be all that they can be-to be protected, cherished, cared for.

with this relentless passion.. He is jealous for me.  I am his beloved, and he wants me to himself!  He doesn’t want me foolishly giving my heart to the many things that cannot deliver what I need-and what they promise.  He doesn’t want me exposing myself to the things that would leer after me…  He appreciates my beauty-who I am! He LOVES ME!  He doesn’t want anything or anyone to cheapen what HE sees in me!  He sees that I am beautiful.  He doesn’t want for anyone to tell me that my beauty is something less than it is… that it is something to be objectified or hated, or leered at, or ashamed of.   He doesn’t want anyone to tell you that who you are is anything less than you are.  He wants me to know that I am HIS!  And can rest assured of the freedom, peace, comfort and safety of that promise!

He is JEALOUS for me!

I am wanted, worthy, precious, beloved, pursued… by Jesus!  and so.. He is jealous for me!  what great hope and joy!


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