More than human

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who started this lie that Christians are supposed to be more than human!?

and why are we all so eager to embrace it!?

Is it because we all have this internal desire to be super-heros?
Maybe, more simply, because we are motivated by a human pride that drives us to want to be superior to one another?

I think I have encountered few lies in my life that do as much violence to the promise and hope that Jesus brings as the lie that to be Christian is to be something more than human.

where did this dangerous believe originiate that Christians are expected to have all the answers?  This is not human!  to be human is to be limited . . . to be finite.  We are not omniscient.  Why do we expect of ourselves that we have everything figured out?  why is it expected of us?

It’s ridiculous!  I’ve heard a rebuttal to this thought, stating that Christians shouldn’t have all the answers to life, but at least all the answers to their own belief system.

preposterous!   If you claim to adhere to a belief system, or a worldview, than you are subscribing to a lense through which you view the entire world – – thus to have your belief system completely figured out, you would, therein, have “all the answers” .  No part of life would be exempt from your undesrtanding.

and as I mentioned the other day…

where did we come up with this belief that to be Christian is to transcend human emotion?  That to be Christian is, then, not to grieve, not to question, not to get angry, not to doubt, not to fear…?

In my reading of the Bible, I haven’t seen a character in it who does not engage in their human emotions.  In fact many of them seem to turn their human emotions into praise!   Humanity is not a weakness to be overcome, but a gift to be embraced!

Am I saying that we are subject to every whim and caprice that floats in on the wind?  that we are the sum of our urges?  absolutely not!

I am saying that we do not need to be more than human.   There has already been the Man who is God.

about this incredible being, there are many theories.  among Christian camps, many would say there has already been a human who was more than human, and that is what made him divine.

personally, lately, I’ve been more drawn to the belief that He was *fully* human.  that he did not transcend his humanity, but embraced it, and modeled for us the way to be human in faithful devotion to God.   It has been argued that he was MORE human than we could ever be.

The miracle of Jesus is not that he “overcame” his humanity while on earth

but that he retained every ounce of His divinity and Godhood–>while fully entering human flesh, becoming fully human, through and through, with every impulse, urge, emotion, etc that we feel.

He wept, he was angry, he felt compassion, he felt loneliness, he was homesick, he was tired, he was hungry.

He suffered like no on else, abandoned by everyone-even God the Father.  Not one of us has felt that kind of abandonment.

He was FULLY human.  and yet more than human-while not transcending, but rather engaging humanity–still  fully God.

And if this is who I claim to follow… my human logic leads me to conclude that while I am finite, human, and in this fractured earth undergoing redemption–in THIS state… I will NEVER have all the answers… because I can’t even explain the paradox of Christ, upon whom my entire faith is founded.

So are we called to more than the sum of our urges? more than the brokeness in which we live?  absolutely.  and I believe that this is what happens when we are made fully alive in Christ.  That we do not transcend our humanity, but that we awaken to everything that being human was created to be!

My prayer is that we will feel released from the lies that bind us, telling us that we must be omniscient, effervescent, eternally happy beings who are unaffected by their humanity, questions, temptations and emotions, and learn to embrace the divine image that has been set within our humanity.

To be human-to be relational.

If we attempt to transcend our humanity, the worst thing that happens is that

we attempt to become self-sufficient.

we were never intended to have all the answers, to have everything we need within ourselves.

We were created for relationship

if we “transcend our humanity” or if we feel we have done so… then we also

“transcend” our humility.

Humility, to which we all have been called.  humility, which makes relationship possible.

Humility, which makes it possible to say, “I don’t know how to deal with this.  Can you help me? Can you pray for me? Can you talk with me? can you sit with me?”

Humility gives hope to those around us.  It gives them worth and significance, because it gives them the opportunity have a contribution.  It tells them that who they are, and what they have to offer is valuable.

in essence, it returns their humanity to them.

So may you, today, know the incredible joy, and incredible gift of being fully human, and fully alive!  May you see in your everyday emotions, questions, relationships, wounds and healings, the picture of God and his love and his wounds, and joys that He sustains in being in relationship with us.  May you feel released from the need to be more than you were created to be, and may you be awakened-made fully alive to every beautiful thing that God has designed humanity to be!

Da Vinci on the subject of the human and the divine


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