what colour is hope?

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hope… is purple.


or sometimes a vibrant pink.  or maybe you’d argue that it’s green.

Hope is the promise that God will bring beauty from ashes.

when it seems like your soul is charred, and your heart is dusty ashes… when the flame of your spirit seems to have been extinguished…  when it is SO DARK that it seems like there CAN be no hope…

a simple flower.

don’t worry.  I’m not becoming THAT much of a hippie-flower-child-love-and-peace-and-rainbows kinda girl…

Epilobium angustifolium–kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?  why, just the name is beautiful!

maybe you’d prefer rosebay willow-herb.  or “Great Willow-herb”

but here’s the thing.  This little purple flower typically lays dormant in fields, forrests, mountainsides, planes… etc…

after a fire has come and destroyed every living thing… every last trace of green, or color.. charred the earth to what appears to be an unusable wasteland…

this little seed is suddenly exposed to the sunlight, fertilized by ashes, and awakens.  not in the first moment, but with days, it is the first little seed to sprout a new growth.  Only days after chaos and destruction, this flower germinates, and bursts through the charred earth, born up by the ever-so-recognizable green stem… the green that promises life… that promises all is not lost.

And as an exclamation point to it’s simple statement, “There is hope, there is new life-THIS earth WILL carry on” a purple (sometimes pink) BRIGHT flower unfurls it’s petals and embraces the sky.

While all around is devastation…  naked pines scratch the sky like skeletons reaching up in final desparation, ashes blow and shift like sand in a dessert..  this flower springs to life.

and not just one!  but very quickly, the entire forest floor (or plane, or mountainside or field) is carpeted with this new growth-with hope!


So.  on a day like today..

when everything seems charred.. when hope seems lost… when life seems to have come to an end… keep your eyes open.  right now, underneath the ash, a seed is germinating, which soon will birth a flower.

and in years to come, the trees, whose seeds were also released and germinated in the fire will begin to grow and sprout and eventually tower.

He said He would give beauty for ashes…  So keep your eyes peeled for the simple beauty…  the small things.  when you have the strength to pry your eyes down from the tops of the barren trees to the charred earth below your feet, look closely–discover the seedlings of hope.

  1. I’ve loved looking over your blog. This post about ashes was very encouraging! keep it up!

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