Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

this is the post i was GOING to share the day that my internet left me.

It was really refreshing this morning, when I was riding the bus, to see you climb on, purse in hand… and it was obviously not yours…

and immediately you held it out to the bus driver and said, “someone left this purse at the bus-stop.  is there a lost and found or anything like it?”

the bus driver asked if there was a name inside the purse or anything like that, and you replied,

“I haven’t looked inside… I don’t want to mess with that”

I thought it was pretty cool.  You seemed self-aware enough to know that you are the kind of guy who people automatically distrust.  you were young, you dressed “like a gangster”

(okay… i know i’m starting to sound like an old woman… but bear with me)

you knew that you were the kind of guy who was likely to get accused of stealing if there WAS anything missing from the purse.  And you didn’t seem to have any anger about that like society owed you an apology or anything.  you were very calm and nonchalant about it.  If someone had robbed that purse before you got there… you didn’t want the blame.  But there was no defiance, or bitterness about the possibility.


it’s ALWAYS refreshing to see someone doing the right thing.  You resisted whatever temptation or curiosity you might have faced, and you did the simple thing of picking it up and giving it to the bus driver.  you are probably some woman’s unwitting hero for that simple act.  It would have been very easy to leave the purse there and stay out of it altogether.  but you very simply took the purse to the bus driver, most likely causing a woman to retrieve a purse she may otherwise have lost for good.

May you have the same kind of goodness returned to you when you need it most!

Thanks for reminding me that kindness is often found in the simplest of acts!



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