bad liar

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Some peopl just absolutely cannot lie.
Others. Are embassingly good at it!
In Freaks and Geeks, lindsay sheepishly admits to Nick that she can’t lie to her dad.

The old… “Even if I wanted to, I’m a bad liar” kind of mentality.

But then, there’s you!

Never have I met a young adult with SO MUCH integrity that when the opportunity to lie and secure for yourself a hefty sum of money presents itself, it is CLEAR by the look on your face that the idea of exploiting another hasn’t even occured to you and the truth has already tumbled out of your mouth!

Not only do you not lie….. You don’t even THINK to lie!
I absolutely love how your integrity begins deep within you and radiates from your core and spills over into the sort of living that clearly communicates that you value and love *people* and their trust, over your own gain!
thank you for this beautiful picture of integrity, trust, and relationship today!

May you always find yourself trusted for your integrity, and may you find countless others *WORTHY of your trust!

I really believe that this kind of honesty is what God asks us to bring into his presence…. Just to be ourselves, from the inside out, with integrity…. To worship with who we ARE, whether broken or not, just simply and honestly, without thought of deception!

Thanks for that reminder today!
Your integrity is a gift and an inspiration!


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