I miss you

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I missed you badly just now.  I don’t know why it came over me this way, and I guess grief doesn’t always make sense.

but through my tears, I had a picture of you.


Just now I had this really cool picture of you running around outside… it was kind of like a forest, but also a beach..  you broke through the trees onto the wet sand near the water’s edge, chasing a guy whose eyes flashed with mischief and excitement.  He looked over his shoulder at you, and it was as though His eyes told an inside joke, and you threw your head back and laughed hard and long, and said, “Oh Jesus, I just love you SO much!” and He threw his arms around you.

Then you both tumbled to the sand and gazed across the placid ocean and talked. No idea what you were saying, but there was a lot of laughing.

You’ve always had a beautiful laugh!  I’m sure it is bringing to much delight to the whole of heaven!


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