in your presence

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

I really couldn’t help but notice you.  It’s odd… the first time i noticed you, you were still across the parking lot.  It’s a busy coffee shop and a busy parking lot…  you stood out… you practically glowed with your delight in each other’s presence!

Then you were forced to walk one behind the other as you entered the coffee shop as it was so crowded, and i couldn’t miss the longing in your eyes as you watched your beloved precede you into the coffee shop.

then you chose the table behind me, and as invested as i was in my meeting, I couldn’t help but be drawn into your enthusiasm.  I don’t have a clue what you said, but the delight that you took in each other’s presence was radiant!  It was as if everything and everyone around you faded to an unreckognizable blur of sepia and dull fuzzy lights, and the vibrant colors and lights of your beloved and her spirit and the way he makes you feel, and the joy that she felt, and the the veritable luminescence of your love for each other created the irresistible focus of your world for that hour.

It was so clearly evident to me that there was NOWHERE in the entire world that you would rather be!  It was so clear that you had been LONGING for this moment.. to be with each other, to gaze into his eyes, to behold her smile…

and I was drawn, then, into worship.

The kind of Savior that I know who lovingly, longingly waits for me to meet him, the way that you waited for your beloved, takes that kind of delight in me!

My longing to be in His presence is exponentially greater than what it was before… but I long for the day when I have the same kind of eagerness for my beloved Jesus as you had for your beloved today!

Thank you for the picture that you showed me today of Psalm 84!  I so clearly saw what it meant to truly believe that there is NOWHERE better than to be in the presence of the one your heart desires!

May your discovery of this great delight teach you profound truths about the One who IS love!


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