Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I absolutely love it that a couple like you… married less than half a year… absolutely GETS some of the most important, integral things about marriage!

It was absolute delight to my heart to hear you speaking with such passionate wisdom about the importance of encouraging and demonstrating pride and respect for your husband.


I love that you get the importance of respecting your man.  SO many people understand that a woman needs to be loved… and then just assume that love is the same need for a man… which it is… but they think it looks the same.

and you ALREADY get it… that for a man… that love takes the form of looking like respect!

And you practice it!

you praise him for his strengths, you build him up in a group and when you’re talking about him.

You passionately spoke about the horrible danger of condescending, and speaking ill of your husband… and i’ve SEEN that danger firsthand.

I’ve watched people whom i love degrade and condescend to their husbands about about them when they are not around, and it kills them.  I can’t tell you how quickly i have watched those husbands wither internally, and begin to doubt themselves, and lose confidence, and hide who they really are around their wives when that happens

so THANK you!  Thank you for GETTING these simple truths and living them!

It is such an encouragement to see!

I think it is such a picture… not only of how we were designed to live, but that God designed us to live that way to give us a picture of how Christ’s relationship with his Bride, the church, is to be…

He LOVES us… dotes on us… cherishes us, shows us off like a jewel!

and we are to respect him!  To praise Him for the great things that he is and that he does, and to build him up and delight in Him… and in this was we are made more complete and filled even more with the awareness of His cherishing love…

and so goes the cycle

Thank you for that picture!

May your marriage always be a healthy, beautiful, exemplary cycle of love and respect building on eachother.


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