“what’s your name?”

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

it’s such a simple thing, and easily implimented..

I had never thought of it, and seeing you work it into the very DNA of your business…  How… *HUMANIZING*!!!  It’s awesome!  Why doesn’t everyone do it!?

sure, it’s easy to rationalize it and simply say “well it’s not really about the person, it’s about the person’s wallet”

but you know…  the fact of the matter is, you TAKE it from the place of being about your bottom line, and you make a simple gesture that says, “YOU matter.  YOU are valued.  we see YOU, not just another customer!”

VERY cool.

and all it is?  is taking the name of every person who enters your changeroom.


It matters, you know?  because it says that THIS person MATTERS.  they’re not just a faceless patron.  They are a person.  They have value.


Thanks for including the simple message that this person has worth into the fabric and DNA of the everyday life of your business!

May you experience the deep joy of being known, and of true relationships growing and enfolding and surrounding you as you therein receive the message that YOU matter… and that what you DO matters!



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