Winchester Windows

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had never heard of your story.  My heart bled as I heard of those among you whose hands bled as they clutched the broken glass, carving an endless rememinder into their flesh.  I felt the darknesssome among you were isolated and trapped in as the hopelessness and despair of having lost such anintegral part of their learning had been destroyed.  And I was heartened by your strength as you broken-heartedly picked up the shattered glass and choseto restore what was lost, conceding that it would never be the same as it was, but that at least itcould be something.

The Winchester Cathedral had ornate stained glass windows all throughout the expansive building, that told the story of scriptures to an illiterate people in the 1400’s.  For most worshippers, the knowledge of the scripture story was gleaned through meditation and engagement with these images.

In 1642, the ornate windows were destroyed in a shattering act of vandalism by Cromwell’s forces in the Civil War.

In 1660, after the monarchy was restored, some from within your worshiping body came forward with the broken glass, wanting to restore the windows… knowing that they could never be what they had been, but hoping to stand strong and send a message or resilience and hope.

The glass was submitted to a glass-fitter with a simple instruction to piece it together, “as you see fit” and what emerged, predate modern art…  and any kind of popularity of modern art.

but what emerged, is what has  become a famous, and beautiful series of windows

you see…

Sometimes… when we humbly submit the broken pieces of our lives, God brings from that something even more beautiful than we could have imagined!

So when our lives are feeling shattered, when your heart is shattered, and your dreams feel lost, lets pick up the pieces and carry them carefully to the cross, and ask Him to fit it back together as He sees fit.

Your dreams may never be what they were…

but they may be something even more beautiful!

Your family may not be what it was…

but it may be something differently beautiful.


So thank you.

Thank you for your perseverence, and your humble hope that beauty could be brought from the broken pieces.

Your faithful action, has inspired many, and has inspired me today.


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