bloody fingers

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

You’re the coolest lady ever!

I think it’s awesome that you want to support a group of young people the way that you do, and bake them bloody finger cookies!

I can’t think of many people in your demographic who can think of such a RELATABLE way to connect with these young people.

It’s such a gesture of selflessness and kindness to give of yourself this way!

I was really struck, and encouraged, today, by the way that you allowed yourself to engage your God-give creativity and enter the world of a group of people very different from yourself, and find a way to give a gift that says, “I value who you are, and your sense of humour”

how CHRIST-like that is!

to find a way to enter THEIR world, instead of demanding that they enter yours!

Thank you SO MUCH for reminding me that the Kingdom of God is in the simple things!


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