romance me

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

For years, you’ve been leaving beauty on my doorstep.

You’ve been a patient lover, gently, quietly pursuing me.  You’ve given EVERYthing for me!  Nothing was too much…  you gave EVERYthing to meet every need you could think of that I had.  You love me fiercly, protectively, and every so graciously.

you lovingly picked the colors and the combinations that you new would ignite the joy in my heart when you painted for me.


I kind of spit on your painting.  Sometimes I notice it and marvel… and then I shove it to the side, so i can stare at the wall instead.

You thoughtfully found the perfect gift to lay in my doorstep.  I stepped on it and walked over it.

You gave everything for me, and I spit on you.

and somehow your arms are still open for me!?

I think I finally saw you this week.
I’ve spent so much time seeing you as a concept..  the icon of redemption.  I discovered a deep love within me for your Father.  But i couldn’t open my heart up that well to get to know YOU… the YOU that loves me.  I was okay with you loving everyone else…  but it was a little too unnerving to really get to know YOU.

and now I find myself so irresistibly DRAWN to you!

If any human sacrificed for their beloved the way you have sacrificed for yours… it would create an imabalance of power.

But you don’t choose to wield that.  Instead you remain passionately, patiently waiting on me… quietly wooing me… and drawing me to yourself

I think…

I have fallen in love with you!


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