Hang On

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized


ever feel too tiny for the enormity of this world?   for the swirling vortex of pain, angst, anguish, guilt, humiliation, loneliness, brokeness and isolation that attempts to sweep up everything in it’s path?

Maybe feeling a little bit of a sense of hopelessness once in a while.

It is big.

and it is scary

and the chasms are deep and often wide.

the fractures and the splits and the cracks and the pain is all very real… and there are always more.

but for some… really cool… reason… God has chosen us to stand in the gap for eachother.  He’s chosen to use us to heal eachother, to be the salve, the bandaid, the glue, the bridge, the tape, the lifeline, the medicine.

But we can’t forget that we are not the ones doing the work.  Our greatest work is to be available.

Most importantly..

“I’ll hang on to You, Cause You’re stronger”

Thank you, for these words, Delerious.


Isn’t it great to know that their words are true!?  that I can Hang on to my Jesus… that my beloved Savior… I can cling to him and He is stronger, and He keeps me from falling?

and more than that, He has the loving kindness to surround me with people who remind me of His love when my forgetful, very tangible mind can’t quite hold on to it… or hadn’t grasped it yet.

I am so grateful that this whole creation, and even the redemption of it is ordered around relationships!  We survive and thrive ONLY in the context of loving relationships!  What an incredible God, to surround us so completely with love and relationship, to point us to His unbelievably fierce love for us!

Suddenly every word is infused with Life!


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