empty shoes

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today i watched you honour a man who was entering his retirement.   You lavished love on him, surrounded him with people whom he had touched and blessed in his career, and celebrated the legacy that this man was leaving behind.

What a brilliant picture of “well done, good and faithful servant”!

How I believe God eagerly looks forward to throwing us retirement parties, surrounding us with the people we have blessed, and the lives we have had a part in changing!  how encouraging that will be!

I wonder what kind of inspiration and blessing this world would be full of if we rallied around eachother more often, celebrating the legacies that are being built, rather than waiting until the legacy is ‘complete’ ?

So thank you.  Thank you for the incredible amount of work and time and effort and HEART that you poured into the retirement party tonight!

and thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear about the value of leaving the shoes empty.

never mind filling them…  let the size of those empty shoes speak to the legacy.

May you be surrounded by those you bless, rallied around by those you have touched, and may you be encouraged to persevere in all that you do, and may your example inspire many to pour out their hearts to each other for the purpose of blessing!


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