reined in.

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s a simple thing, really.

when you are considerate, you say, “I think that you are more important than my conveneince”

that… is an important and powerful message. It’s one that is not spoken or heard enough today.

U saw me noticing you and your large dog as i walked with my daughter today. You interpreted my slowing of my pace to mean that i wanted to let you pass before i came up to you, understandably assuming that i was concerned that your dog might frighten my daughter.

In reality, I was eager to let my daughter meet your dog, but you reined your dog in, and kindly gestured that we may pass first.
I happily explained that i was eager for my daughter to meet your dog, and you readily obliged.

but your consideration in that moment…
First your attentiveness, to notice that we were noticing you and your dog…
second, your thoughtfulness, to interpret why I was behaving the way that i was…
third, your considerate response, to pull back your dog lest it frighten me and/or my daughter,
and finally, your friendly engagement, and gentle spirit…

these are the things that brought joy to me in that moment. These are the things that speak of the way God has designed us to live in community with each other…
these are the things that say that EVERY Life has value.

Thank you.

May the value that you place on others be clearly placed on you.


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