piercing shadows

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

after a long day of grumpy weary shoppers who just want to get home, but had to get ONE more thing from the grocery store before heading home, it’s easy to write off all the shoppers as hostiles… unfriendlies… low-grade enemies..

after all… they’ve started treating you that way… like you are the person responsible for their exhaustion… like you could have magically cured all their problems if only you had hurried up and scanned their items sooner.

So it was not unnoticed, the difficulty it took to fight through all of that and actually trust the sincere smile of a stranger.

in that smile was a vulnerable hope.  you had the power to extinguish it.  all you had to do to crush that spirit was maintain your glum disengagement.

but you fought through it, cautiously at first, and trusted that smile, and smiled back… carried on a conversation, and as a result, you both left that interaction uplifted.  you pierced the shadows of gloom with a friendly smile, and made someone’s day just a little brighter.

Thank you for being willing to engage, even after the weariness.  May your perseverence be rewarded with showers of blessing, and may you be told, for as many times as someone expresses frustration with you, how much your presence brightens up the lives of others!


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