Posted: August 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I thought i needed a break.  I thought i would stop making posts for a week.

and then i realized…

it must be pretty bleak if i can’t see the good and the beauty in creation SOMEwhere every day.

so maybe i won’t say much about it…

but i will point out the ways that God shows me his love each day…..

todays noticing isn’t so much about something i saw in another person.

Last night when the sun went down, you painted a beautiful sky.

you didn’t need to make the sunset a thing of such extravegant beauty.

how “wasteful” would this sort of thing be considered, if you were an adult in our north american culture today… if you gave such glorious excess to something that is so useless.  after all… what “good” does the sunset do for the economy?  how is a sunset going to improve the efficiency of my business?  will it put food on the table?

in our culture… these are the things that seem to measure whether or not something is worth doing…

thank you for the glorious reminder that you are a God of extravagant beauty and glorious excess!  Thank you that you adore the unuseful… like me… and assign profoud meaning to the things that we so often overlook.

I bet there’s some psychological study out there about how the sunset actually does improve efficiency and positively affect the economy, by the way that it increases some kind of endorphin or something…

but even if there’s not…

you paint the sky with beauty, and beauty mirrors the deepest truth… you are beautiful.  You created that beauty for us.  You want us to enjoy your beauty… and who you are…  you gave us the gift of “useless” beauty… because you LOVE us.

Thank you!  Help me to enjoy being beautifully unuseful to you… to be open to how you want to paint me. 🙂


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