local business owner

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

I so appreciate your smile.  It’s not just because you have ridiculously straight and white teeth, and the smile itself is a nice one…

It’s because you are so free with the gift of your smile.  You are so ready to flash your inviting smile welcoming people into your lives.

A lot of people would distrust that smile, thinking that it’s only about getting people through the doors to indulge in your product…

but the reality is, you are free with your smile and your conversation even when you KNOW that I am not about to come into your store and buy something.

I appreciate so much the way that this simple smile goes such a long way in building relationships among the small community of businesses and residences where your store is situated.

I hope that your business overflows with patrons… Patrons of your product, and patrons of your relationship.  I hope that you never lose the joy in serving people, and I hope that you and your kindness is never taken advantage of!  I hope that the relationships that you offer, no matter how shallow, impact people for the better, that your smile can provide just the boost that someone needed every day!

I long to be as free with my own smiles as you are with yours.

Why do so many of us guard our smiles like a precious commodity?  what hurts have been done to the innocence with which the human soul greets another in a smile?

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