this group of people

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

there’s this group of young people I know who show a pretty powerful picture of community and family.  they are a group of friends who spend so much time together.  I see their pictures on facebook and realize just how naturally, how organically their days seem to run into eachother’s, and I am humbled.   How BEAUTIFUL it is to behold such a simple thing as friendship…  simple, yet complex… to watch as these young adults share life together, with its joys and its sorrows…  not always knowing how to deal with the sorrow, but always there, often silently walking through it with each other…  and even when nothing is said but should be, or the wrong things was said, or something was said when silence was needed…

they forgive each other and continue to LIVE community…

I watch them invite people IN to their community with them!  They are kind and accepting of others…

These young people, through whatever scars and woundedness they have sustained along the way, have stumbled on to the vibrant, dynamic, organic, live-giving, living TRUTH that is community.

Thank you, group of friends, for the way that you love eachother, include many, and let community flow naturally into the rhythms of your lives!

May community deepen to family, and may it always surround you!

  1. bob says:

    sounds like a cool group of young people

  2. Danny says:

    community takes work, but it is worth it

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