Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

your enthusiasm when you heard my voice and instantly turned to look for me infused life into my heart much like an adrenalin shot to the veins of the anaphylactic shock patient.

and then you saw that it was me and your face lit up with radiant joy, expectancy and hope!  when you raced across the floor to greet me with the speed and drivenness of a Wal-Martian on a sale week-end, grinning and laughing with joy as you raced to my arms, THAT was like a jolt from a defribulator restarting my weakened heart!

your eagerness to be in my presence.. your sheer adoration of me… the adulation and glee to see me…  how it humbles me to see that and wonder when the last time I felt that kind of eagerness to be in the arms of my Father.

Thank you, precious infant, for reminding me of my utter dependence on my Heavenly Father.  May I humble myself to race into his arms with the same kind of abandon that you showed me today.

May you also have that same enthusiasm to run into your Father’s arms as well, and may you experience the wonderful feeling of others taking that same kind of joy in your presence!


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