Caring friend

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s tiring work to invest in a friend who is experiencing depression.  It can be pretty overwhelming and daunting…  Depression can be a very deep hole, with a foreboding climb to get out of it.  And that can make it seem like a pretty hopeless investment.

It has been a true inspiration to see the way that you have undertaken the difficult task of encouraging a depressed individual.   The way that you have committed to sending daily encouragements and reminders that this person is cared for.  Sometimes its hard to see how much that matters…

the thing is, even when the darkness is still crushing, those kinds of notes and reminders make it possible for people living under the oppressive blanket of depression to see glimpses of hope.  they are like candles in a dark space… the light is small, but it makes a profound difference.

thank you for showing me that sometimes love is arduous commitment.  thank you for showing me the trait of our God… that He diligently pursues us without invading our space..  the way that you diligently pursue and encourage the depressed person without invading space…

Thank you for showing me the patience that is characteristic of love.

May you always find candle-bearers in your darknesses, and may you be surrounded by encouragement.  May you also be given the blessing of seeing your friend walk out of the darkness, and may you never lose that gift of faithful encouragement!


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