Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today, you carried yourself with a very respectable class the whole time… I enjoyed playing against you, even though you defeated us handily, and I enjoyed watching you play against other teams.

Mostly, I personally appreciated the way that when you unintentionally hit a girl in the face, you also built her up afterwards.  We’ve all been there… We’ve all taken a shot to the face once or twice… and let’s be honest… no matter how inevitable it seemed… we all feel pretty dorky about it afterwards.

It was a very empathetic and classy move on your part to remark that she was tough and took it like a champ.  She clearly felt a lot better simply for hearing those words.  But it wasn’t as though you said those things to diminish your hard hit…  you were genuinely concerned for how she was, and then built her up and encouraged her.

And it seemed to me that you restrained yourself a little more afterwards too… Something no one would ever ask you to do, but a classy move nonetheless, as you could see that your skill level was handily above the skill level of the teams you played against tonight.

So thank you…. thank you for your class.  Thank you for your concern for the girl who took the ball in the face.  Thank you for restoring her dignity to her…  a very loving things to do.

May you be blessed with the same kind of empathy and encouragement especially when you feel embarassed for something beyond your control, and may you have the same sort of dignity guarded for you in many circumstances.

and ya…  the feeling is returning to my face 😉


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