stranger danger!

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

do we do a service or a disservice to our children in teaching them that strangers are dangerous?  I know our motivation is to protect them from harm, but to we also insulate them from experiencing the relational community that we have been designed to live in?  Are we shortchanging the world on the blessing that our children could be to them?

is there a healthy balance where we can teach our children to trust their intuition more?

I’m not sure about all of this.  but I am sure that it was a beautiful demonstration to me of the way that a stranger can brighten someone’s day when you remarked that the nine ( ? ) year old boy had awesome hair..

yeah… he might have cowered a little bit… but the smile betrayed that you had made him feel incredibly proud.  hair like he had hints of the personality underneath it…  your recognition of this and your comment didn’t just validate his ‘fashion sense’, it told him that HE was an awesome kid.

thank you for doing something risky… something that our culture has made taboo… and talking to a young boy.  The risk is worth it, if you ask me, to encourage and uplift a young spirit.

Thank you for the reminder that love is bigger than our boundaries.

May you always have this encouraging, loving streak… and may no boundary ever prevent its lifegiving flow!


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