new dad

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

it’s okay to admit that you’re having a hard time with it.

It’s okay to admit that you feel stretched and sometimes think it’s unfair that your wife is back at work while you have to stay home with your brand new son….

It’s okay to feel all those things.

I am glad that you recognize how special the opportunity that you have to be with your son at this tender age is!  I was warmed by the obvious love and pride in your voice while you spoke about him

but i also saw the pain behind your eyes, that you tried so hard to hide.

I want you to know that it doesn’t diminish your love for your son at all.  Maybe you were struggling because you’re not home because you WANT to be, but because you’re out of work.  That can be really demoralizing.

If that’s true, wishing you could be working doesn’t in ANY way diminish the love that you have for your son!

So thank you for showing me that there are men who are present… who want to be part of their kids lives, who are even willing to take on the hard task of being the main caregiver…  It’s nice to know that i haven’t met the ONLY three men in the world that are like that…

thank you for your love for your son.

May you feel the support of friends and family around you, and find great joy in your relatinoship with your son!  I truly hope that whatever is meant to happen vocationally or otherwise for you comes to be, and that you find great fulfilment in it, be it stay-at-home “dadding” or working in some other field.

May you be released from the need to be perfect, and may your patience with the challenges of a new baby be ever increasing!


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