enemy; the person behind the hurt

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized


God tells me he doesn’t want me to avoid my ‘enemies’

We’re not talking, here, about the people who are actually a danger to my family.

Just that handful of people that I don’t have an easy time getting along with.

The select few that make me nervous when I see them, or worse, that actually hurt me in my interactions.

To all of you, I want to apologize.  I haven’t known how to deal with you.  In my uncertainty, fear, self-protection, and / or unwillingness to do what is uncomfortable, I haven’t loved you.

I have been confused by the predicament… not realizing that there may be another option, beyond simply avoiding you, vs being friends with you… which i equated with loving you.

Yes, God requires of me to love my enemy.  And now he has shown me that loving my enemy does not necessitate being in a relationship with them.  So some of you, I cant be in relationship with you.  Some of you… I would hurt you as you would hurt me.  But that doesn’t mean I cannot love you.  This is something that happens more in my spirit, in my thought life, and in my prayer life.  It ought to translate into how i treat you as well.  I may not have a relationship with you, I may not be your friend, but I will not avoid you.  I will dare to go “behind enemy lines” and I will look you in the eyes.  I will not avoid your eyes for fear of hurt, nor will I avoid your eyes to wield power and dehumanize you.

I will look you in the eyes, and in so doing, tell you that you are a human, a valued creation, with thoughts and feelings and so much more.

With my eyes, I will strive to perceive the person whom God is crazy about.

when I see you in the elevator, I won’t pretend i’m busy with something so that i don’t have to make 22 seconds of awkward conversation.  (unless you are drunk again… then I might try to avoid you…  thats more of a safety thing)

When you come up way too close to my personal space, I will try to forget about my own discomfort and engage in your words instead.

When you have hurt me or betrayed me, I will not hold onto my hurt.  I may not trust you so much in the future, but I will not hold you to account for every hurt or betrayal in your every action and interaction from then on.  I will forgive you, and I will allow you to be a human again… not just the personification of my hurt.

Above all, I will pray for you, and I will pray that God will share his sight with me, to see you for the beautiful creatures that He has made you to be.

  1. Ken White says:

    Your writing really encapsulates what I believe Jesus was trying to teach about loving our enemies! i also like the humorous part about being drunk too!

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