Posted: July 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Getting out of your own way can be the hardest thing to do.  It can be a pretty bleak situation, but there’s always hope… somewhere.

Sometimes it seems and feels impossible to see.

Sometimes you hurt the people you love the most as you throw things violently at the walls that surround you.  Then you watch in shock and horror as the things you have thrown… usually verbal assaults, penetrate the walls that hem you in, and hurt the person on the other side of that wall who is trying to reach out a hand, without breaking the wall, or leaving you an escape as it passes through.

Sometimes you sink back in horror having done this, and lose all hope.

and sometimes there’s a little sliver of light piercing through the slim cracks in the walls… and all you need to do to see it is to get around yourself.

I want to thank you, Comedy writer, for helping me to get around myself tonight.  Thank you for inviting me into your imaginative world of humour–for making me laugh in spite of myself — for freeing me from the relentless tyranny of my self-constructed prison.

You do this for so many, you know?  The way that you take situations that many of us encounter, and exagurate them to the absurd… This is brilliant!  It serves as an escape for many of us…  for an hour and a half (or so) we can sit back and be drawn into the bright, amusing happenstance of another’s created story.  Sometimes, you even help us to heal in ways, I wonder if you could ever have intended…

You invite us to identify with your characters… and when we do, and see our situations taken to the absurd, somehow, if only for that couple of hours, our problems seem less somber… more liveable, even laughable.

Sometimes, this fantastic escape is the only thing that can penetrate a cloud of darkness..  Sometimes it’s merely the jumpstart we need..

But I believe that you do the world a great service in teaching us to laugh, in inviting us to see the humour in both the purity and the ugliness of the human soul.

Thank you for your incisive and hilarious perspective on the world.

May you never cease to find amusement in this world, and may that happiness you bring to so many pave the way for deep joy.

May your own love of laughter be always a medicine and never a drug.

  1. Ken White says:

    Stories in general teach, heal, and inspire us. Whether they make us laugh, cry, get angry, inspire, frighten or open our hearts to love.
    Great write!

    • marilyn says:

      Awesome !!!! -laughter to me and others I am sure is a totally wonderful way of communicating and bringing joy —–a means at times of survival at times —-a way of complete release and and mostly a blessing I am so glad that God chose to give me ——love your writings ——HUGS

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