Posted: July 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

I wish i still viewed the world the same kind of awe and wonder, mysticism and enthrallment as you do.  Watching you lose yourself in the sheer joy of movement…  entranced at first by the bug you followed, and then overtaken by the sensations of the ground spinning beneath your feet… I was transported to the days of awestruck wonder beholding the world around me…

considering “THIS blade of grass”   fascinated by each hump and stretch of THAT caterpillar.

When did the world around me lose its ability to fascinate me?  When did the colors fade and the grass blend into one great big green mat?

When did God’s creation shrink?

Was it when I grew too big for it?

When I learned all the secrets to the universe and didn’t need to be fascinated anymore?

I wonder what would happen if my self-imposed blindness were to fall from my eyes, and I forgot all the “answers” I think I had learned…

Do you think, then, that I might dance with the same kind of reckless abandon as you?  Do you think that I might again be captivated by the beauty of THIS moment, or stunned by the brilliance of THAT sunset, or delighted in the sensation of this movement?

I’m going to try blinking really hard, and then opening my eyes and seeing if the heavy scales of “knowledge” have fallen from them.

May you never lose your ability to wonder.


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