Posted: July 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

The way you held your newborn infant today was beautiful.

the way you cradled her head so carefully, and so tenderly rocked and caressed her, soothed her and burped her…

you really are a great father, you know?  At least you were in that moment!  and it’s hard to pull of that kind of good fathering unless you really do have it in you to be a great father.

I was reminded of how tenderly our Father deals with our fragility.  sometimes we think we are so strong and know so much and we are so “big” now…

but in so many ways we are infants… and just like you did not let your daughter’s head become to heavy for her, and supported her neck and her precious limbs, you didn’t let her become aware of the extent of her fragility, but met her needs and weakenesses, so our Father is so gracious to intersect and protect us in our fragility, without mocking or even letting us know, sometimes, just how weak we are.

thank you for that picture of fragility and tenderness, and fatherly strength.

May your daughter know the joy of being well loved by a father, and may you know the joy of fathering in some deep and immense ways.  may you be blessed with the certain knowledge that you don’t have it all together, and the constant humility to seek to become a better father.  May you find your search rewarded with much grace, and may you find fathering to be a beautiful gift.  May you and your daughter both be protected in your love for eachother and your relationship as you both grow!


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