Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

your kind always inspires almost everyone.  In fact, your kind often guilts many of us mainlanders.

You see, somehow many of us still adhere to this notion that if the call on your life is huge and hard and seems unfathomable for us to do likewise… then it is because we are actually ALL called to the same thing as you, but we are just not as good or as strong as you to be able to do it.

Fortunately that’s not true.  We are all called to different things.

I think the thing that genuinely puts many of us to shame, is that the nature of your call… the huge, daunting, life-changing call… is one that makes partial obedience a non-option.  when you answer that call… you do so with your whole life.

So many of us mainlanders have a local call… but because it is not always so evident that the circumstantial aspects of our lives need to be thrown headlong into that call as well, it is far easier to follow in partial obedience.

The reality is, any of us, to truly follow our call, need to be willing to sacrifice.

Last night you inspired me.  You and your family have sacrificed SO much.  and the thing is, at this point, you probably wouldn’t even call it sacrifice anymore!  you’d probably talk more about the gifts you have received!

I want to thank you for throwing yourself headlong into following your call, for pursuing the Passion God built into your family relentlessly, and for continuing to persevere through all kinds of persecution, famine and drought, and some of the most unlikely of situations.

Thank you for reminding us that God is faithful,

and thank you so much for reminding me that following God is ALWAYS a choice that impacts your whole life.

May you continue to be blessed with the favour and faithfulness of God in your ministry, and may your life inspire the lives of many more!


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