Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I can admit it.  I was losing hope.

Just when I thought community was dead…  when you see so many people and forces in society working to put community to death, when you see SO MUCH traffic in counterfeit community…  it’s easy to lost hope.

And then i meet you, and you are living community in some of the most vibrant, full-hearted, passionate, unabashed, beautiful ways, filled with “reckless abandon”

It was so inspiring to see you living Kingdom that way… In the midst of having just taken someone in who needed a place, and having  just hosted 6 individuals who were stranded last minute, without second thought.

THIS is what I believe God wants of us.  I believe these are the things God wants us to use our blessings for… to be a blessing to others.

May you find fulfilment in knowing you are living the beautiful life God has designed humanity to live… may your life be intricately complicated by the joyful mess of relationships, and may you always remain open, and blessed in your openness.


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