dignity and class

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was pretty unbelievably impressed with you, you know.

How rare it is to see a girl turn 19 and handle herself with such dignity and class. You were a beautiful inspiration to watch… such a bright balance of enjoying life, celebrating and having a good time… not being afraid to do something a little “wild” but remaining so level-headed about the whole affair! It was very encouraging to see girls your age, NOT using their “OF AGE birthday” as an excuse to throw responsibility out the window and hurt themselves or others with the night, but to have a care-free, fun night, with a modest number of drinks and dancing… to see you assert yourself and make your intentions and lack thereof clear to some less-respectful guys…

But you know what I think I liked best about the whole evening?

I think what I like best was knowing that you knew you essentially had permission to set your own boundaries for the night, and it was still YOUR desire, no one else’s, to honour your father and yourself and set boundaries that you knew you could all be proud of.

Thank you for showing me the power a little self-control can have, and for reminding me of how much freedom is gained with a little self-restraint! Thank you for the picture I received from watching you, of our God who loves to celebrate, and fills our lives with things worth celebrating, but who also loves to hold everything in perfect balance, and loves for his children to honour eachother and Him.

May you always have this emotionally intelligent heart, yearning to honour God, and may you be treated with the same kind of dignity and respect you showed tonight.


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