Posted: July 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s pretty easy to ignore people in an elevator… in fact you’re kind of expected to.  Sometimes if you make eye contact, the co-rider of the elevator is in fact offended by this ‘intrusive personal contact’

I’m not talking about staring or leering.

Just the inadvertant meeting of eyes… the acknowledgement that the other person in the elevator with you is, in fact a person.

So I rather liked it that you made eye contact today.  I could tell it was out of your comfort zone, but I want to thank you for going the extra step and offering an awkward greeting.

interpersonal contact can be awkward… but it’s worth overcoming that awkwardness.

So keep on being brave!  Take the step and talk to someone you don’t know… even if it’s just a casual see you later, or “have a nice day”

boldness and sincerity are often rewarded with amicable relationships with your neighbours.

thank you for the reminder that a little bit of stretching can go a long way.


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