portrait of passion

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

you know…

I think that if everyone found the kind of passion for even one thing in their life.. a hobby, career, or something in between… This world would be a far more colorful place, and we would be treated to greater beauty, greater art, greater feats….

the kind of passion that you have for your dogs, and the dogs of your clients…  the way that you care about every detail of their lives…  the way you have thrown yourself into your passion so that you are constantly thinking of innovative ways to improve the lives of your canine clients and their owners…

When you have that kind of passion, you see your passion everywhere!

I want to have that kind of passion for Jesus, so that every thought leads back to him… so that almost everything reminds me of him, and so that there’s nothing I’d rather do than spend my spare time dreaming of ways to live his Kingdom with him.

Thank you for this picture of passion and dedication.  May you always continue to take such deep joy in the simplest of the details of the job that you’ve chosen!  May your dedication, passion and hard work be rewarded by an ever increasing joy and delight in all that surrounds you, and the people you bless with your kind friendly conversations!


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