Posted: July 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

you always find a way to make sure the people around you know that they are important.  Whether it’s using your brilliant intuition and joking / teasing in just the way that they need it right then, or asking with shocking sincerity how they are, or praying for someone, or simply inviting them into your world by sharing the things that you love with them, you always find a way to make the people around you feel important.

I love watching how you stand up against injustice.  You so seldom seem to stand up for the things that you want… which makes it all the more profound that you stand so firmly against it when you feel someone is being mistreated.

I love the way that you notice everything.  Sometimes I worry that you will get hurt from seeing too much… seeing things that people your age don’t usually see…. seeing things you might not be emotionally equipped to see…

But I am awed by the way that you… more than most people of ANY age that i’ve ever met…. are selfless enough to notice how those around you are feeling so consistently.

So thank you.  Thank you for seeing the people around you.  Thank you for sincerely asking, “How ARE you?”  Thank you, on this particular occasion, for seeing that someone needed to be cheered up, and for casually drawing them into your humour.  It is so mature and wise to watch you handles situations like that with such grace and dignity.  You didn’t ask how this person was doing… you could already see it… and you intuitively knew that he would find the question invasive.  so instead you took the initiative to help him to do better… gently, subtly, kindly.  That is SO God-like!

What a different place this world would be if even 5% of its citizens could live this kind of self-lessness!

You are an amazing young man.  May your selflessness NEVER translate into people not noticing you, and may you instead be blessed with the same kind of thoughtful concern that you bless others with as a way of life!

  1. Ken says:

    Funny….I happen to know a young man who is exactly like the one you are describing!

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