Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I realized at a large department store the other day, that writing indelible love has taught me to recognize circumstances that are opportunities for humanity to show its goodness or its ugliness, but seldom something in between.

I realized when an incident occured, that I was waiting and hoping for the goodness of humanity to show through.  I was disappointed.  I walked away thinking I had seen nothing good.

but then I realized that you did something that is very hard.

You kept calm.  People were verbally assaulting you, and blaming for something that was entirely not your fault.  In fact, the only reason that you caught flack for it is that you were the first person their to help with the situation.

yes… you were a little flustered and not, perhaps, as decisive as you may have liked to be or needed to be…  but you were calm.  You didn’t diminish the urgency of the situation, and in fact you didn’t even diminish that lady’s inflated sense of self-importance… (an act that i was even tempted to do FOR you, and would, had you done so, simply served to exasperate the situation)

You stayed calm… and I am honoured to have witnessed and been a part of dealing with the aftermath of the accident with you.

You helped the older gentleman.  You were swift, and you were kind, gentle, patient and apologetic.

So thank you.

Thank you for your grace under pressure.  Thank you for keeping your head in a stressful situation.  Thank you for rising above the ugliness that was coming at you from all sides.

May your quiet strength and dignity serve you well and translate into a peace and serenity in your spirit.  You are the reason that that man got the help he needed,and you are the reason that everyone was able to carry on that day.  May you find others there so readily to help you.

An aside.  Apologies again, to my few readers, for the lengthy absence from posting.  I’m back!

  1. Ken says:

    It takes a special eye to see love in an ugly situation!

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