Posted: July 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

A lot of people see a young female having a problem with a vehicle and assume that they have an easy con on their hands.

a young woman comes into your shop with an undetermined problem on her hands, carrying a child, and it’s easy to see that you could claim a host of necessary repairs– she’s distracted, probably a little frazzled, and the car is probably the last thing she *wants* to deal with.

But you didn’t take advantage.  You were honest.  In the automotive industry, that is a refreshing rarity.  You were so honest that you sent the young woman away.  She told you that it was a tight budget she was working with, and you advised her that her money would be better spent in replacing the tires.. something that you do not do at your shop… than in getting an allignment (something that you DO do at your shop)

This kind of integrity and honesty is SO refreshing and rare.

As I walked away from your shop, i realized just how vulnerable to a con I had made myself.  I suggested something might be wrong that wasn’t, I asked a couple of ridiculous questions, revealing that my knowledge of mechanics was a little bit lacking, and as my trust in you grew, i allowed even more ignorance to show through.  It would have been SO easy for you to tell me that I needed new struts, or that the rotors were damaged or even that the axle was slightly bent.  Yeah… you knew that I was getting other quotes done, so that might have posed a bit of a problem…  but you didn’t take advantage of me at all.  You confirmed the noises that I had heard, and identified the problem, and told me that the car would be okay to drive without the alignment until the budget has a bit more breathing room.

Thank you.

Thank you for seeing the person in your business, and not the easy exploit.  Thank you for seeing the need, and for acting with integrity.

It seems to me that it didn’t even occur to you to exploit my ignorance.  It seems to me that honesty simply IS your way of business.  Thank you for this refreshing reminder that there ARE honest people out there who do business in a different way… a way that puts good, honest service ahead of bottom lines.

You probably already know this, but your honest service has guaranteed future business.

Well done!

I hope that your business explodes as your clients learn to trust you, and that in your business dealings and in your day to day living, you are surrounded with people of like integrity.

  1. Ken says:

    There is hope!!! Thanks for pointing that out!

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