Golden Retriever

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

So today was Golden Retriever day at the dog park apparently!

I was pleased with all of you…  You know… it’s something beautiful to see people taking seriously the call to care for creation around us… your animals, the park we were in…  and then on top of it, to invite people into this way of living with you, with an open demeanour and friendly smile.  Even you, last guy… you were reluctant, but with only a bit of persistence, you allowed yourself to be drawn into the spontaneous fellowship that was happening there too.

Thank you for loving your animals… for caring about their wellbeing, their health and their exercise.  Thank you for taking seriously the charge to be good stewards of creation.

Thank you for caring for the earth, and for caring for the people around you.  May you be blessed with companionship, and may your pleasure in the earth that surrounds you never diminish and only increase!

thank you for showing me stewardship today!


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