invested aunt

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, you showed me what it means to bear a burden for someone.

As you talked about your niece, your emotion for her situation really came through.  You clearly love her dearly!  You described walking with her through the challenges of some emotional pregnancies and losses.  and as you described the miraculous birth of her newborn infant girl, only 3.5 pounds, three months early, I could see and feel the burden that you were carrying for her.

You great concern and love for her truly speak of the importance in being there for eachother…  God created us for community, and you show that you really live community with those God has given you.

I hope your heart stays so soft, and that your love and support for your friends and family truly help carry them through the challenges of life.

I hope you are also blessed with the same kind of support when the burdens you carry grow too wearying, and when your own burdens weigh you down.

You are more than great family to your niece… you are a great friend!  I hope i can be that kind of friend!


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