attentive lover

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I watched you tell your love that she is beautiful, I was reminded of the delight and love that God takes in his bride, the church.

As you held her head in your hands, lightly stroking her face, brushing her hair out of her eyes, and gazing on her, I watched her visibly brighten, coming alive under your delight, growing more beautiful, in fact, by the second.

You told her she was beautiful, and that made her beautiful.

Is that the way it is with God?  Does Him seeing us a certain way make us become that way?  or do we become the way he sees us more, the more we believe Him?

She believed you… and she delighted in you taking delight in her.

Your tenderness, your gentleness…  So akin to the way that I believe Christ treats us.

she said something to you, it seems she was confiding a wound or pain of some kind, and I watched your face melt…  in that instant you communicated sorrow for her wound, and love for her in that moment.. it was as if i watched her become more precious and more treasured as you became more aware of her fragility.

I was again reminded of Christ’s tenderness and gentleness as we works with our scarred and broken hearts.

Thank you for the glimpse you gave me into a pure and beautiful love… for the glimpse into what I believe Jesus would like for all of us to experience.  Your attentive, deep love, respectful, doting treatment of your lover, is an uplifting inspiration!

I hope your love for each other grows brighter every day, and I hope that you experience the same kind of delight and intimacy from Christ!  I hope you hear him telling you how much joy you bring to His heart


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