Golf Course Guy

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I hadn’t seen you for months, but i saw you today.  you seemed weary.

I want you to know that even if it drains you, it is SO good for you to work.  I know you know this…  I know you are finding fulfilment in what you do.  I’m so glad you got this job!  You are definately missed at volleyball, but I’m so glad you have work that you are finding fulfilling.  It is so good and so important for you … for any man… to have purpose… to have work…. and i could see that in your eyes, beneath the weariness.

Hang in there… you have a promise of greater things ahead!  Your perseverance and endurance is a testament to your strength.  The way that you never lost faith when you were out of work.. the way that you stayed positive and upbeat. . .  and now the way that you are doing your job with excellence shows gratitude for the work that you’ve been given to do — these things all give testament to the way I believe God has created us to live.

I wonder what the world would be like if we all did our work with gratitude.

I wonder what my life would look like if I recognized the work God gives me to do as a gift and not a chore.

May you never lose that gratitude for the job you’ve been given to do, and may you be blessed in your work with deep fulfilment!  I hope your diligence and gratitude continues to inspire others the way that it has me.


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