Can I take your trash?

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

It was just a little thing, but today (actually yesterday) you showed me what an encouraging impact a small act of service can have on a person’s life.

It had been a frustrating morning.  Flat tire, time spent changing the flat, leaving the house late, seeing if we could replace the tire before leaving for burnaby, and just getting behind schedule, so we were running late.  We stopped at your eating establishment because we only had time for a drive-thru. We ordered drinks, but didn’t have a place to put all of them because of a cup from a previous drive-thru some other day.  We were stashing that cup out of the way, when you noticed, and offered to take our trash for us.

Sometimes we’ve asked other fast food places if they would mind disposing of a competitor’s cup and have been met with flat out “no”s or contemptuous yes’s… so it was a pleasant surprise when you noticed and offered to do it.

Service with a smile..  a little thing that said you noticed and cared about the little inconveniences of our day… a little thing that said you valued us as human beings and were sympathetic to our “plight”

Things we hear on a subconscious level… and then suddenly, the whole day feels brighter.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  When you put other’s first, you make a huge impact in the world.  I hope you never stop being thoughtful and considerate, and that you, in turn, are blessed by the thoughtfulness of others!


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