Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

You showed me one of the ways God created us to live today.

When i saw you in the lobby of my building waiting for the elevator, i looked down, because i fear human contact.  you smiled at me and said hello.  I returned the greeting, and noticed that you were carrying your lunch from Subway.

At first i mocked you internally for eating subway, because i think subway is kind of gross.

But then I was wracking my brain to think of where there was a subway in our area.  and I realized that you would have had to go for a walk that would have taken you past a myriad of other less healthy options to get to subway.

So I admired your healthy behavior and your willingness to walk a distance to get a lunch that you were clearly enjoying.

You savoured your food, the smell the wait… I could feel your anticipation to open the bag and enjoy the sandwich inside.  Your smile showed a real zest for life and a pleasure in the ability to do your daily activities.

I hope you always take time to enjoy the gifts of this life… food that you enjoy and the ability to walk, and be outdoors!


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